Samoa Business Network gets a handle on social media


Some 20-30 people crammed into a room in Auckland last Tuesday, eager to unravel and understand the mysteries of social media marketing.<!--more-->

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The Social Media Marketing workshop was organised by the Samoa Business Network (SBN), presented by business mentor Matt Jull and sponsored by Auckland’s WE Accounting Ltd. The event drew members and non-members of SBN from different businesses and interests ranging from a graduate of the Youth Enterprise Scheme and university student to a returned international traveller, a mechanic, accountants and IT workers.

SBN hosted the workshop in response to the need identified by SBN members to improve their social media skills and engagement. Those on social media (or at least Facebook) were in the majority with only a couple who were not. A collective board room sigh of relief following round the table introductions with enough revealing their kids were THE experts and they were newbies.

Mr Jull quickly showed why he has been a successful mentor for 20 or so years - putting everyone at ease, pronouncing his love for Samoa thanks to his beautiful Samoan wife and identifying closely with the audience and Samoa. He is a formidable presenter, friendly, firm, well informed, knowledgeable and funny - translating the mysteries of social media marketing into easily understandable packets of information.

The mention of mobile apps and the audience murmurs, but the word “Cashflow” and immediately all eyes (and ears) are on him.  “Cashflow is blood to a business,” he says and marketing and business is about building strong relationships with key Influencers.

Mr Jull explains the two types of social media marketing – B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer). He draws on recent statistics showing there are more than 2 billion social media users but mobile usage has overtaken with more than 3.6 billion users and climbing.

He discusses the various platforms from Twitter – a more than 300% increase in users from 90,000 to 370,000 users in two years to Periscope – live streaming video – highlighting the rapid growth in video usage.

Businesses that are socially engaged are perceived by users to be more competitive, generate more leads and more likely to attract top quality talent. This draws a knowing nod from the audience.

The discussion then turns to personal Facebook pages and other platform users are on such as LinkedIn, used for business professionals and including Mr Jull’s tips on how to make it work better.

At the end of the event the practical tools and tips he gives in his one hour presentation are worth more than hours spent trying to decipher the how to books or the “social media for dummies” text books.

Overall, Mr Jull is definitely worth the entry fee and his easy going style and relationship with Samoa and the wider Pacific is most likely to increase as the word spreads, via email, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter … the virtual list goes on.

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