Samoa enters call centre industry


Improving ICT connectivity and falling tariffs has encouraged entrepreneurs in the islands around the region to consider investing in the IT-driven service industry. Telecommunication sector reform and better connectivity has seen a number of call centres being set up in Fiji over recent years.<!--more-->

The time zones the Pacific Islands find themselves are extremely favourably for call centre and outsourced back office operations of western nations. Added to this the advantages of an English speaking population and lower wages makes the islands ideal for running IT-based service industries.

Several regional corporates have taken advantage of this situation and set up call centres – most notably, the ANZ Bank, which started one a few years ago in Fiji.

Samoa has this month jumped into the call centre fray. US-headquartered international call centre GlobalLink has begun operations with a ten-seat call centre with the potential to scale up with more seats.

“The core service is a back-office customer service and phone support over voice on Internet protocol (VOIP). Using this technology the company offers a wide range of services that include customer service, technical services, order taking, billing inquiries, and more,” GlobalLink’s co-ordinator in Samoa Taiai Pisa told the media last week.


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