Samoa launches new Food Safety and International Certification Programme


Samoa is on its way to cutting reliance on imported goods and increasing its capacity for export.<!--more-->

<b> </b>The Samoa Association of Manufacturers &amp; Exporters (SAME) launched its Food Safety System Training and International (HACCP) Certification programmes at the Hotel Elisa Training Facility in Apia.  The programme is geared towards helping Samoan food and beverage manufacturers and exporters meet International standards for Food Processing and Safety &amp; Hygiene Management.

The 4 phased programme will lead to the International Certification ISO-22000.  It is an extension of an earlier International certification programme offered by SAME where 8 local companies achieved ISO 9001:2008.  11 companies are currently in the final phases of certification, whilst 9 companies will be certified by end of November and 2 more in Februrary 2015.

18 SAME company members are registered for the new Food Safety Management Program.  Companies include a wide spectrum of processors/manufacturers/exporters from Food and Drink manufacturers, processed agriculture-based products, Processed Meat Products; Fresh &amp; Frozen Taro and Breadfruit; and Breadfruit flour.

Deputy Prime Minister-Fonotoe Nuufesili Lauofo opened the launch saying  “ SAME and the Private Sector have taken responsibility in enhancing capability in ensuring Food Safety &amp; Management at the highest level and gaining International certification which provides local and international recognition for food &amp; beverage products produced by Samoa.” This will no doubt increase import substitution as well increase export capacity for Samoan Made Food &amp; Beverage Products. He encouraged the 18 Companies to complete the program and earn their international certification by the end of 2015 in line with the SAME program.

The SAME Food Safety Management/HACCP program is sponsored by the Pacific Horticultural &amp; Agricultural Market Access (PHAMA) Program. New Zealand International Certification Limited   was selected by SAME and PHAMA from 3 applicants.

The PHAMA Program is funded by Australia and New Zealand. Both the Australian High Commissioner HE Sue Langford and the New Zealand High Commissioner, HE Jackie Frizelle were present at the launch and were highly supportive of the SAME initiative.

SAME and the Government have already embarked on a “Buy Samoa Made” Export Drive in New Zealand and will launch a similar program in Australia in March 2015.  The aim is raise local awareness of Samoa Made goods and services for export, but ultimately to increase demand for locally made products and Samoa’s export products.

The initiative is strengthened by Processors; Manufacturers &amp; Exporters gaining international accreditation.    (Source: Samoa Association of Manufacturers &amp; Exporters (SAME)

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