Samoa mulls better, cost-effective online access


Samoa’s Internet Regulator is actively considering the possibility of establishing an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) to give Samoans better and more reliable web access. <!--more-->According to a Concept Paper written by Regulator Donnie De Freitas, the I.X.P. will be the first of its kind in the country.

With recent developments like the National Broadband Highway and the impending second marine cable that would all contribute to better international access and connectivity, the time is now right to consider the issues and bottlenecks that are hindering achieving universal access, the regulator says.

Establishing an IXP would help keep local Internet traffic within local infrastructure and to the reduce costs associated with traffic exchange between Internet Service Providers. “In many developing countries, poor connectivity between I.S.P.s often results in the routing of local traffic over expensive international links simply to reach destinations within the country of origin,” the regulator was quoted as saying in the Samoa Observer.

The Office of the Regulator is hosting a workshop on the implementation of an Internet Exchange Point for Samoa this week on November 26 and 27. The workshop intends to involve all Internet stakeholders and several international organisations involved in the governance of the internet.

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