Samoa proposes another idea – a common Pacific currency


Samoa has added the idea of a common Pacific currency to its growing list of reform to integrate better with the region.<!--more-->

In 2009, it switched driving sides to better align with driving practice in its immediate neighborhood – Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Later this year, on December 29, it will switch time zones to lose almost an entire day to be in a time zone closer to these neighbors. The rationale for the time zone change is to facilitate better same-day business.

Though these initiatives have been championed by the country’s prime minister, the latest suggestion for a common currency comes from an Opposition Member of Parliament. He would like a level playing field because some island nations and territories like Cook Islands, Kiribati and Nauru use currencies of New Zealand (as in the case of the Cooks) and Australia (in Kiribati and Nauru).

The proposal was presented in the Samoan Parliament and the Deputy Prime Minister has said the government would look into its merits.

A Pacific Currency has been long in discussion but has made little headway over the past two decades.

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