Samoan businesswomen promote solar lighting


Samoan businesswomen might have found the perfect answer to the power cuts people around the country have been faced with in recent times by promoting solar lighting.<!--more-->

As a partnership initiative between Rotary Apia and Samoa Women in Business, the project, titled ‘Solar-powered lights to live by, read by and save by’ will help sell affordable solar lighting solutions to Samoans.

Robyn O’Dell of Rotary Apia’s solar light project, says the lights are affordable, lightweight, easy to use and hard to break. “The lights are an equivalent of a 60watt bulb. Also at $20 a light a year, people can save up to $120 when compared to normal electricity costs,” she told media last week.

The promoting organisations say the ‘Flexiway’ lights would improve quality of life for families without power and reduce power bills for other families. The solar lights are also being seen as a welcome and safe replacement for potentially hazardous kerosene lamps that are widely used in the more remote parts of the island nation.

The lights have proved their mettle in Papua New Guinea but are being launched in Polynesia for the first time. The Women in Business organisation will sell the lamps around Samoa. Farming communities will be able to acquire the lamps at a subsidised price of about 20 Samoan Tala a unit.