Tiny Tokelau leads in cybercrime!


Tokelau, one of the smallest atoll groups in the South Pacific, with neither an airport nor a seaport of its own finds itself at the epicentre of cybercrime, going by a report released by a global group that monitors phishing emails on the internet.<!--more-->The Anti-Phishing Working Group’s Global Phishing Report notes that malicious domain registrations linked to most phishing comes from a South Korean domain and Tokelau. Tokelau has the top-level country domain name .tk and the third largest number of phishing emails originated domains with the .tk extension.

In phishing, emails arrive at random addresses asking people to provide their log-ons and passwords to online shopping, banking and auction sites. The group says the phishing itself is coming mainly from China where hackers have illegally registered domains with the .tk extension.

A Dutch company owns Tokelau’s domain extension .tk. Tokelauans get free broadband internet services on the atolls as part of the deal with the Dutch company.


Image / Sergio Roberto Bichara


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