Tonga must survive without survivor


The need to boost Tonga’s hospitality accommodation sector is urgent. Last week, producers of the the popular television series Survivor dropped plans to film the show in Vava’u scheduled for later this year.<!--more-->The activity would have brought much needed US$ 5 million into Tonga’s difficult economy.

Despite setting up a cabinet sub-committee specially to assist the project and laying the red carpet to the filming company, the show’s co-producer Leisa Francis wrote to new Tongan Prime Minister Lord In a letter to Tonga’s prime minister, Lord Tu’ivakano, saying they had no choice but to pull out because of problems with logistics and difficulty in booking accommodation for crew and participants.

The government has said it is a major blow to its economy. Meanwhile, neighbouring Fiji, by contrast, has attracted as many as three Bollywood production crews this year.

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