Tourists from Russia, China, Korea boost CNMI inbound numbers


The precipitous 8 per cent drop in tourists from Japan to its popular Western Pacific holiday destination, the Northern Marianas, has been offset by a sharp rise in inbound tourists from China, Korea and Russia, according to the Marianas Visitors Authority’s statistics released last week for last year’s holiday season.<!--more-->

Japan’s triple disaster in 2011 has had an effect on its outbound tourist numbers and flights coming into the Northern Marianas saw a severe dip in December 2011 with two flights landing down from three in December 2010.

By contrast, arrivals from China grew 59 per cent in December with six weekly flights from China, up from just two in December of the previous year. Tourist numbers from Korea were up 8 per cent.

However, if Japanese travel industry forecasts for this year is anything to go by, the Northern Marianas is tipped to do much better over this year’s holiday season. The Japan Travel Bureau Foundation says this year will see an increase of 2.7 per cent to 17.4 million outbound travellers – the highest since 2006.


Photo / Tourism Advisor