Trade & Private Sector Consultant Wanted (V2-S7-16)


<strong>Short-Term Consultant, Trade and Private Sector Development</strong><!--more-->

<em><strong><img class="size-medium wp-image-94 alignleft" src="" alt="rsz_global-deal" width="300" height="199" />Location: PIFS, Suva, Fiji</strong></em>
<em><strong>Closing date: 18 May 2016</strong></em>
<em><strong>Contract duration: Six months</strong></em>
<em><strong>Fee: ?36,000 per annum (pro rata for 6 months), plus housing allowance</strong></em>


This consultancy is to assist the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) advance its member countries? interests in the areas of: Trade (including trade negotiations &amp; implementation of trade agreements, implementation of national trade policy frameworks), enhance access to Aid for trade resources, and support the development of the private sector.

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS), is a regional organization with 16 Forum Island member countries. The Forum Secretariat membership comprises Smaller Island States, low developing countries, as well as developed economies (Australia and New Zealand). Majority of the Forum member countries are also members of the Commonwealth.

<strong>Scope of work</strong>

The short-term consultant shall be required to deliver on (but not limited to) the following activities:

Develop operational manual to guide uniform? implementation and review of National Trade Policy Frameworks (NTPFs)

Conduct training and continuously support the capacity of national trade development committees.

Assist Pacific Island Countries mainstream trade and trade-related aspects into their national development plans / strategies.

In addition to other trade-related duties as may be delegated by the Director, Economic Governance Programme, the Forum Secretariat or his delegate.

The details of specific work deliverables and milestones shall be determined during the formulation of the Consultant?s Individual periodic work Plan, in consultation with the Director Economic Governance, the Forum Secretariat or his delegate.

<strong>Education Qualifications</strong>

Post Graduate qualifications in Economics/International Trade or related discipline.

<strong>Professional Experience</strong>

A minimum of eight years (with at least 4 years handling private sector related matters) of practical engagement in trade policy formulation, analysis and implementation.

Practical experience in trade capacity building, engagement in investment policies and private sector development, with particular reference to the Pacific region;

Practical experience in mainstreaming trade and its related aspects into national development plans / sector strategies.

Experience in preparing high quality policy briefs for senior management, Government officials and project authorities at a senior level;

Hands-on experience in preparing high-quality aid-for-trade technical proposals, and willingness to transfer such skills to others;

Experience and knowledge of regional trade policy issues and challenges in the Pacific region.

<strong>Applicants should be able to demonstrate:</strong>

Sound knowledge of WTO and EU/ACP issues;

Knowledge of the Pacific trade issues, private sector development and regional integration agenda;

Highly developed analytical skills and ability to provide clear and objective advice and recommendations;

Strong written and verbal communication skills (in English)

Willingness to transfer skills to other people;

Ability to deliver on commitments within short period of? time; and

Ability to work harmoniously in a multi-disciplinary and multicultural environment.

<strong>Eligibility criteria</strong>

Only applicants from ACP and European Union countries are eligible to apply.

We should receive your application by 17:00 BST on 18 May 2016.

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