Tuvalu project to boost employment, business


Tuvalu’s multi-million dollar project on resurfacing the runway and roads on the main atoll of Funafuti is expected to produce extensive employment opportunities and businesses for locals, writes Semi Malaki in the nation’s <i>Fenui</i> newsletter.<!--more-->

Speaking at the signing of the contract between the contractor, McConnell Dowell Constructions Company and the Ministry of Communication and Transport on August 4th, Pacific Managing Director of the company Michael Buckland said that apart from providing employment opportunities to the region and local people, the project also would bring other benefits like support for local businesses and the services that they could provide for the company in terms of materials needed.

McConnell Dowell is now looking to hire local builders to build their offices and accommodation. Mr Buckland said that with hiring local labourers and supporting local businesses, the company is putting funds back into the community.

The Pacific Aviation Investment Project is a regional aviation project with the development objective to provide safe and secure air transport operations and environmentally sustainable and efficient airports and is being implemented in Kiribati, Tonga and Tuvalu.

Arrangements have been made for locals to receive on-the-job training with the company during the actual construction phase of the project, the newsletter says.