Vaka Motu Okeanos on view in Auckland


You’ll get a chance to see the Vaka Motu Okeanos up close this week if you are in Auckland. It will be on show close to the Viaduct Event Centre as part of the Pacific Energy Summit 2013, 24-26 March 2013. The Okeanos was designed by Naval Architect Nick Peal and built by Saltwater Boatbuilders in Auckland. <!--more-->It is powered by wind and solar energy batteries and was specifically designed to carry interisland freight throughout the Pacific islands region.

<a href=""><img class="alignright size-full wp-image-4644" alt="Saltwater Boatbuilders (21)" src="" width="403" height="222" /></a>Okeanos was back in Auckland for refitting after it was trialled extensively in Vanuatu. The refit was to make it more sustainable and to create more space on and below deck for more storage.  It will then go to Fiji for a research project with USP.  The focus of the Pacific Energy Summit is on investment in both renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Vaka Motu is the 21st century version of the traditional Pacific vaka or oceangoing canoe. The vaka, while incorporating ancient and traditional navigation methods uses futuristic propulsion systems powered by and renewable energy like wind and solar. It is designed to carry freight. Okeanos can carry up to 2 tonnes, up to 14 crew and can travel at 5-6 knots depending on its load, the motor battery powered by solar energy lasting several hours.

Sharon Evans of Oceanic Nature Film Productions invited <b>Pacific Islands Trade &amp; Invest</b> to the boatyard to see the vaka Okeanos before going to Fiji to participate in a research project at the University of the South Pacific a couple of weeks ago.

For more info on the Vaka Motu – visit <a href=""></a>

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