Vanuatu shipping infrastructure gets $26m fillip


An initiative to fund Vanuatu’s interisland shipping infrastructure got under way in the capital Port Vila this week.<!--more-->

The $26.8 million Interisland Shipping Support Project, to be implemented over four years, will finance the building of a new interisland terminal in Port Vila and construct new jetties on the islands of Malekula, Ambae, Tanna and Pentecost. The project will also reconstruct existent jetties in other remote areas.

The jointly financed project’s components comprise an Asian Development Bank loan of about $11 million from its concessional Asian Development Fund and the New Zealand government providing a grant of $12.6 million equivalent. The Vanuatu government is also contributing $3.4 million.

Additionally the three funders will jointly fund the forming of the Maritime Safety Administration with a view to reform governance of the maritime sector. The New Zealand government will provide a $1 million grant with the Asian Development Bank contributing a $500,000 grant, besides an in-kind contribution of $500,000 from the Vanuatu administration.

This week a workshop in Port Vila discussed priority areas for shipping services and potential routes for the Vanuatu Interisland Shipping Support Project.


Vanuatu Inter-island ferry, Port Vila 2006 / Photo by Phillip Capper

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