Will you help spread Christmas cheer in Samoa?


You’re undoubtedly aware of the situation in Samoa. <!--more-->

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Things are looking pretty bleak for Christmas, nearly all of agriculture has been wiped out and food is becoming an increasingly scarce thing.

The Organic Matters Foundation (OMF) says all its farms have been completely wiped out and Soil Health Pacific says, "the farming and manufacturing company has been hit very hard. It will be several weeks before we are producing food again."

OMF have started an appeal to raise $10,000 Australian dollars to help Samoan agriculture get back on its feet. The target is $10,000 this week so it can make a difference right before Christmas.

Go <a href="https://www.facebook.com/pages/Organic-Matters-Foundation/121471461234606?sk=app_310405725647279">here </a>to donate directly.