Windsurfing lessons off to great start on Aitutaki Lagoon


Could this be the spark that starts a new wave of young windsurfers taking up the sport?<!--more-->

[caption id="attachment_3647" align="alignright" width="138" caption="Left to right David Meti (12), Duane George (15), Jordan Watt (14) and Eric George (11) enjoyed a day of windsurfing lessons from Larissa Mueller of Madloop Windsurf Centre, Auckland."]<a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-3647" title="Aitutaki kids windsurfing" src="" alt="" width="138" height="104" /></a>[/caption]

A free windsurfing holiday programme was held on the beachfront outside the luxurious Aitutaki Lagoon Resort in the Cook Islands last week.

Run by windsurfing enthusiast Aucklander Alan McIntosh and his instructor Larissa Mueller of Switzerland, the windsurfing lessons are aimed at encouraging Cook Island youngsters to take up the sport.

The free lessons are part of a two-week trip by Alan McIntosh of Madloop Windsurf Centre in Auckland supported by <strong>Pacific Islands Trade &amp; Invest</strong> (PT&amp;I), with a view to developing the activity as an added tourist attraction in what has often been described as one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

Mr McIntosh led a small group of tourists on an initial trip to Aitutaki to test the waters. The trip was successful with some vowing to return again next year for more.

The four boys who were with the Aitutaki Sailing Club gave the lessons a go and by all accounts had a great time. Although the youngsters were oblivious to the sapphire blue lagoon in the background, the beauty of the location wasn’t lost on those curious tourists who later booked windsurfing lessons.

As for the lessons on Aitutaki Lagoon, the conditions were perfect with a light breeze and smaller sails fitted to the boards. The children, ranging in age from 12-15 years old, were well on their way to becoming ‘experts’ by the end of the two-hour lesson.

One promised he would come back every day until the programme ends. With Auckland draped in winter weather, windsurfers and kite surfers enjoyed the day in conditions that were almost too good to be true.

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