Workshop on cyber crime under way in Tonga


Up to 70 delegates from around the Pacific Islands region are in Tonga this week to look at ways to protect Pacific Island citizens against computer-based offences.<!--more-->The workshop, which concludes today, aims to help island nations develop cybercrime laws in line with international standards.

Because of the rapid strides the world has made in information and communication technologies, most island states are not sufficiently equipped to protect their societies against cybercrime through criminal law, nor are they are in a position to engage in efficient international co-operation in these matters.

But the borderlessness of technology and the convenience it offers for commerce across political and economic borders, makes people and governments liable – something that citizens need to be informed in order to exercise caution.

Topics on the agenda included the threat of cybercrime, international standards for cybercrime legislation, criminal and procedural law, cybercrime training for police, judges and prosecutors, and the co-operation between law enforcement and internet service providers.

Delegations from each country presented the cybercrime situation in their respective states as well as recommendations for measures against cybercrime at the end of the workshop.


Image / Ilker