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Monday 16 May 2022

Pacific Trade Invest NZ appoints new Marketing & Communication ManagerPTI NZ visited Taveuni as part of their trade mission to facilitate exports from Fiji to NZ

The PTI NZ Trade team, Trade Commissioner Glynis Miller, and Trade Development Manager Aude Douyere, visited Taveuni, the Garden Island of Fiji, as part of their trade mission to facilitate exports from Fiji to NZ.

Taveuni is the third-largest island in Fiji, after Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, with a total land area of 434 square kilometres. Taveuni is called the ‘Garden Isle’ for good reason. Central parts of the island receive very high rainfall rates and being volcanic in origin, Taveuni’s soils are extremely rich and fertile. Taveuni society is rural and there is a heavy reliance on agriculture for economic support.

Agriculture is then the most important income in Taveuni for landowners and locals who are more and more looking at exports to increase their revenues and improve their way of living. 

The team, accompanied by Samoa High Commissioner in Fiji, Ali’ioaiga Feturi Elisaia was honoured by the traditional ceremony and warm welcome received by Government District Officer Mr Kelevi Vakarusa, Ministry of Agriculture team, Taveuni communities, farmers and small businesses owners. It was a unique opportunity for the team to present PTI NZ mission and inform on export best practices, and NZ market opportunities for Taveuni products.

The ceremony was followed by the onsite visits of multiple organic farms and businesses where the team had rich exchanges with farmers and business owners to get a better understanding of their products and projects.

“It really makes a difference to meet face to face and visit the farms and facilities to appreciate the projects and challenges in their whole and provide customised assistance”

PTI NZ has committed to assisting existing Taveuni exporters of agriculture products such as root crops and kava to NZ and will support the export capable SMEs and groups of farmers in their pathway to becoming export ready.

“We were overwhelmed with the outstanding quality of Taveuni products: healthy vegetables grown in organic soil, high scale production of sweet fresh pineapples, premium organic certified coconut oil, artisan healthy food products such as teas made from ginger, turmeric or cocoa, coconut flower sap, cacao butter and even chocolate peanut butter, all made with local ingredients.

There is definitely high potential for niche exports to NZ and we look forward to continuing our work with Taveuni small producers.”

PTI NZ team addresses his heartfelt thanks to every participant, and more especially to Mrs Salote Malani Maiwiriwiri and Mr Sakiusa Maiwiriwiri from Farm Well Fiji for organising the visit. Farm Well Fiji is a family farm using organic practices to utilise the land at its full potential planting organically grown crops. They are about to start their organic certification process and have partnered with 100+ farmers in Taveuni to grow organic vegetables for exports. The family have requested PTI NZ assistance to help them in the process. This visit was a great opportunity to follow-up on the project progresses, acknowledge the current challenges and advise on the next steps toward export readiness.


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