Big tourism investment opportunity in Vanuatu

A major investment opportunity in the tourism sector has emerged on idyllic Moso Island in Vanuatu. Tranquillity Island Resort on Beautiful Moso Island, North Efate, is looking for an investor to partner for development as far as possible for its 380 hectares of what must be one of the most unique profiles in Vanuatu.

The project proposal has been shared with Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) NZ’s Investment team and is listed on the investment website Pacific Hub.

The plan is to develop a 20 or 40 room high-quality resort and supporting infrastructure on the pristine American Beach area on the shores of Havannah Harbour with several standalone bungalows scattered on vantage points throughout the property, according to information shared with PTI NZ.

Currently a small eco-tourism resort with a dive base exists on the eastern side of the island. It also supports a day cruise operation with a 74-foot Ketch, the Coongoola. There are several kilometers of beach and waterfront on the eastern side. In the wilderness on the western side a number of unique coves and beaches which are used for day trippers and campers exist. The day cruise operation is one of the best known and longest running operations in Vanuatu and is an icon for Vanuatu tourism.

The Resort covers an area of 380 hectares (or 939 acres). A 75-year lease covers it, which is the maximum term of title for any land in Vanuatu. We have been operating the area for 22 years.

The island is serviced by several airlines including Virgin Pacific and a new airport is being built at the moment to take wide bodied aircraft.

Several interesting dive sites exist. The water here is usually very clear and there are several areas with hot water springs coming from the seabed. Potential exists with these to develop hot water spas. The island is also replete with nature trails.

Tranquillity looks after a Hawksbill Turtle conservation Project. Hawksbill turtles are on the endangered species list by the United Nations.

“We raise baby turtles from one day old for twelve months or so when they are tagged and released in conjunction with the South Pacific Environmental Program. We have been doing this for about twelve years or so and have released between 1500 and 2000 turtles. It is a voluntary project and we run a sponsor and release system in connection with a public awareness effort, so as to assist with the project upkeep and sustainability,” says the information source.

The current revenue and level of activity for Tranquillity supports the current infrastructure and will be the marketing base to increase revenue with proposed additional investment and development.

For more information email PTI NZ Chief Investment Officer Manuel Valdez on


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