A strategic reset for Investment Fiji


(Picture caption: Investment Fiji’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer Craig Strong.) 

Investment Fiji is embracing the new normal with a strategic reset.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has given a new perspective to world leaders, trading partners and neighbouring countries as measures on limiting travel, quarantining citizens, and cancelling large gatherings such as sporting events, concerts and schools takes place.

Investment Fiji’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer Craig Strong says the current focus for Investment Fiji is to capitalise on emerging opportunities and reset Investment Fiji’s Strategic Plan.

“We need to relook at our Strategic Platform and set it right with the current COVID-19 pandemic and capitalise on emerging markets,” he says.

“Our purpose is to grow Fijian companies by building capacity and benchmarking to export once ready.”

Joining the office in early May, Craig’s key priority has been to connect with the local investment sector market.

A series of engagement with businesses in the Western Division impacted by the lockdown took place through one-on-one meetings and with key stakeholders such as divisional commissioners and agencies on how to assist existing businesses.

Virtual meetings also followed with trade offices and embassies as well as Heads of Mission on the need to connect and share information.

“COVID has changed a lot of things, it gives us an opportunity to plug into those market segments and just talk to businesses and understand their needs,” Craig says.

He adds the new trading environment post-COVID will offer huge opportunities to tap into dormant sectors that once had little focus.

“During this crisis, we have seen an emergence of opportunities for new sectors brought on by the demand of new products and services.

“These new sectors offer opportunities for potential and existing investors.

“Some of our local businesses have taken advantage of these new opportunities and are supplying new products and services not previously offered.”

For Fiji, discussions with Government to Government on our involvement with the bubble are taking place and that is a critical part of the work going forward, Craig explains.

“Investment Fiji needs to be ready to ensure once that does take place, we have the strategies and the tactical execution to be able to take ourselves to those markets and achieve; to secure our existing opportunities and look to capitalise on any emerging ones left void by other trading partners.”

To learn more about investing in Fiji opportunities, visit the Pacific Hub, or contact PTI NZ Chief Investment Officer Manuel Valdez – Manuel.V@pacifictradeinvest.co.nz for more information.








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