Alofa Niu sharing the word on coconut oil

Petronilla Molioo Mataeliga of Alofa Niu Products (Samoa) is on a mission to “share the goodness of coconut oil to the world!”  Her Samoan based company is one of more than 35 companies invited to be part of Pacific Trade Invest New Zealand’s first ever Pasifika Business Market at Auckland’s Pasifika Festival in March.

Ms Petronilla Molioo Mataeliga is the Manufacturing Assistant of Alofa Niu Products Samoa and the representative of SVSG Juniors for Nofotane Brand and FalaMasi Revival, a further two company brands.

Skincare range from Alofa Niu

“This is the first time for Alofa Niu to come to Pasifika Festival and I am so excited to be among a more diverse and broad network that will help introduce what Samoa has to offer to the overseas market,” she said.

The company is owned by partners Camellia Strong (founder of Coconut Love Australia); Molioo Pio and Anarosa Molioo (investors) for Alofa Niu Products; Nofotane Brand (jewellery) and Revival FalaMasi (Samoan made mats).

Alofa Niu Products Samoa makes a coconut oil skincare range including; Coconut clay mask, Sugar scrub, Body oil, Perfumed oil, Moisturizing body lotion, Aromatherapy massage candles and of course, organic extra virgin coconut oil.

“Our coconut oil is sourced from the big islands of Savaii and sent to Upolu to be processed to bring you the finest oil on the planet. Certified Organic BIOGRO New Zealand,” said Ms Molioo Mataeliga.

“We use high end coconut oil made locally here in Samoa and high-end products from Australia.  Included in the Skincare line I have brought some handicrafts that promotes Samoan Made products from the Nofotane Brand and the Revival of the FalaMasi Project,” she said.

FalaMasi – hand woven mats

The FalaMasi project supports the women from Falepuna who weave Samoan mats for Home Décor. The project promotes Gender Equality and Samoan Made products.

“This is a great opportunity to help the women in my community by introducing their brand to other network gatherings,” said Ms Molioo Mataeliga.

Alofa Niu has a staff of 5 people including 2 full-time workers in the manufacturing side and 3 seasonal workers making coconut shells.

Their objectives for attending Pasifika festival are straightforward. Promoting Samoa made products, establishing and expanding into an overseas market and getting customer feedback.

But she was inspired to accept the invitation to be part of the Pasifika Business Market after having a great experience at the Path to Market workshop in Samoa last year.

“The main reason why I accepted the invitation is because I had such a great time at the PTI Workshop by Ian in September,” she said.

“Ian (the trainer) did a great job with our workshop and he represented PTI well, an easy approach person that made my conversation flow smooth.  The feedback he has given me has made me more confident about my products if I stay true to what makes it different from other product line in Samoa.”
“We really enjoyed his feedback on his observations to my products.  Now that changes are in place I wanted to see what appeal I can make on the overseas market and the chance to showcase in Pasifika Festival is a great step.”

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