It’s always great to hear from our interns who, having done their stint with us here in the Auckland offices of Pacific Trade Invest (PTI), are now working elsewhere in the Pacific. Now and then, they write to us to tell us about their work.

Former intern Angeline Bataanisia flanked by PTI NZ Trade Commissioner Michael Greenslade and Trade Development Manager Ian Furlong in Honiara last month.

One such former intern is Angeline Bataanisia from the Solomon Islands, who now works with the Central Bank of the Solomon Islands in Honiara. Angeline wrote us this note to tell us what she has been up to since finishing her internship with PTI early last year. Here is her note:

After returning to Solomon Islands from my internship with Pacific Trade Invest New Zealand in February 2016, I was engaged in a consultancy role with the World Bank Office in Honiara for one year (2016) through a Short-term Consultant contract.

I worked as an economist specifically with a World Bank Pacific Health Team providing public financial management (Health financing) technical support to the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS).

In my role, I assisted the team in the delivery of public financial management/health financing support in the area of budget preparation, financial reporting and providing other analytical and advisory work when requested.

I am now working as a Research Analyst for the Research Unit of the Economics Research and Statistics Department of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI). My main role at CBSI is providing research, statistical analysis, and forecasting and special research project support as part of our Department’s agreed work plan.

My internship with PTI has helped add value to my professional development and, more importantly, provided good exposure especially in how I engaged with these various organisations in meeting their goals.

PTI NZ Trade Commissioner Michael Greenslade and Trade Development Manager Ian Furlong caught up with Angeline in Honiara when they visited to conduct two Pacific Path to Market workshops, one each in Honiara (18 July) and Gizo the next day.

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