Alumni of Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand’s flagship Path to Market programme are breaking new ground into hitherto uncharted territory. The people behind Nesian, the Tahitian clothier and Path to Market participant who have participated in sevaral PTI NZ trade expos in NewZealand, have launched a digital media stock for pictures, graphics, illustrations, sounds and videos that are uniquely based on island themes. They call it Island Media (

“The idea of a media stock based on island themes came to us because of our other proffesional activities,’’ says Matairea Bessert, one of the promoters of Nesian, the other being his sister Poevaiva.

“For our design activities, we have been using international stock like Shutterstock, Adobe stock, Getty Images and Alamy but when we’ve searched for island themes, we found there was nothing – and if sometimes we found media, they weren’t really well tagged so their authenticity was questionable,’’ Matairea told Pacific Periscope in an exclusive interview.

The duo along with well known Tahitian artist Hennessy collaborated on the project over the past two years while carrying on with their respective main activities – Matairea and Poe with their clothing and screen printing business and Hennessy with his artistic pursuits including street art and his clothing line called Tropical Vision, which he is famous for.

Sister and Brother combo, Poe and Matairea Bessert of Nesian are two of three promoters who launched Island Media.

The three found the international media stock services wanting for their design related work and decided to build their own – and so, Island Media was born.

Matairea says his many trips to New Zealand to participate in events organised by PTI NZ and other Pacific agencies convinced them of the need for authentic Pacific related images and graphics that others engaged in Pacific-related brand building needed better graphical, pictorial and media resources that were island-relevant.

“We realised that Pacific companies do their own communication, create their logo, their marketing comms and ads so, we were really convinced that Island Media has to be part of events organised by the likes of PTI, MFAT and PCF in order to make it known.’’

As well as being unique in its offering of distinctly island-centric media, Island Media opens doors to Pacific Island creative people to gainfully contribute their creations – whether digital photos, illustrations, graphics, musical pieces or videos – on to the platform and potentially earn revenue.

“We are different because we have built the platform around the main constituent of this project: the contributor. We offer the contributors a real profile to promote themselves and their portfolio or website. We let them choose their prices on the biggest format that they will upload and we have created an automatic resizing module to facilitate the contributor experience. We also promote, each month, a contributor and their creation,’’ Matairea said.

There is another point of difference. In matairea’s words, “All the giants of media stock services don’t want contributors and a buyers to meet ‘outside’ of their website…Island Media want to promote islanders’ talents first, so if they can do premium sales or custom orders, it will be also a win for us and it will show them our respect for their work and their passion.’’

So how do contributors get remunerated ?

“Contributors will have fixed rates commissions of 40 per cent. On others Stocks, the Contributor have to sell many items for many years to reach 40 per cent remuneration rates… Island Media respect the work of the contributor and the only way to win the contributors’ trust in us is to give them the best place to promote themself and their media. Our first goal is to promote Pacific talents,’’ Matairea says.

Since the three promoters are in the graphics business themselves, they will also serve as clients for the contributors.

“The service will also benefit our businesses as well because we need to buy more creations from islanders full of new creativity and authenticity to create more of our clothing, print and design products,’’ Matairea adds.

The three entrepreneurs part funded the Island Media project along with funding from banks. Matairea is grateful to sponsors Air Tahiti Nui, Ninamu Resort (Tikehau) and Tahiti Nui Television for their help in bringing their project to fruition.

Island Media invite Pacific Island creators to visit the website ( and explore options to upload their creations and look forward to earning from the digital creative platform.

For more information, email PTI NZ Trade Development Manager Ian Furlong at

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