Borders Closed, But Opportunities in Samoa Remain Open

We’re thrilled that our first investment opportunities seminar back in July proved so successful that we’re able to host a second seminar next Thursday 22 October, this time focussing on the beautiful island of Samoa. 

Investment is a key driver of sustainable economic development. It encourages productive capacity, job creation and income growth across the main sectors of our economies. 

While the global pandemic has been challenging on all fronts, countries in the Blue Pacific are making concerted efforts to boost the investment regulatory environment through policy frameworks of which promotion and facilitation is crucial.  

Samoa has had a particularly rough 12 plus months. The economy suffered from the measles outbreak in late 2019 and while there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 the country is taking a careful approach with borders remaining closed. 

But investment doesn’t require a physical presence and businesses within the country are open and actively looking for investors. 

Samoa is a fantastic country to invest in. Their stable political system which is based on strong social and cultural structures offers competitive wage rates and there is a well-developed, reasonably priced hard infrastructure set up including telecommunications, water, and electricity. 

They offer attractive industry incentive packages with low inflation rate, a balanced budget and international reserves. 

PTI NZ conducts bespoke investment opportunity seminars for potential investors who may be interested. We can offer a broad cover of all Pacific Forum countries or we can tailor countries to suit your requirements. 

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to Chief Investment Officer Manuel Valdez

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