Boutique business dedicated to strategy and innovation

(Picture caption: Raul Sarrot is passionate about using design as a tool to help improve people’s lives and create prosperity.)

Freshfish Studio is all about purpose, and there has never been any doubt about what Founder and Director Raul Sarrot wants to achieve with his boutique design business.

A Designer, Strategist and Coach specialising in helping transform organisations and brands to align and connect with their internal and external audiences, Raul’s vision of owning a unique design studio, dedicated to strategy and innovation became a reality when he established Freshfish Studio in 2009.

“Our purpose has always been to help companies and individuals align their business vision with inspiring brand design to best reach their audiences and therefore achieve their purpose,” Raul says.

With offices at Waiheke Island and downtown Auckland, Freshfish Studio has experienced great success in the 11 years since it was founded, and it now works with a range of clients from around New Zealand and abroad, including the Pacific, Australia, China, South and North America, and Europe.

Driving his team’s success is a genuine believe and passion in design as a tool to help improve people’s lives and create prosperity, Raul says.

In recent years, Freshfish Studio has worked alongside Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand, either working with specific companies from the Solomon Islands, Samoa and Cook Islands, who have been getting ready to launch their brands and products in New Zealand, or as guests at PTI’s meetings with Pacific companies.

As a result, Raul was asked to be part of the Digital Path to Market Workshop for Tonga in mid-June, where he presented on the importance of value creation, how to communicate that value through brand storytelling, product proposition and packaging design.

This is a way Freshfish Studio can truly assist Pacific businesses, he adds.

“We can help businesses by helping them translate their initial business vision into a clear, meaningful brand strategy and inspiring brand design outputs.”

Raul enjoys working with Pacific businesses as he believes the Pacific region is a special place in the world.

“There is great potential for the people and businesses from the Pacific nations to achieve their aspirations in a genuine and sustainable way, sharing their very interesting stories, ideas and products.”

The Tonga Path to Market workshop, which attracted 16 participants, was aimed to engage export ready or export capable businesses and assist them to export their product to New Zealand.

Topics covered during the workshop included making the most of the New Zealand market opportunity; current trading patterns and balance of trade; marketing and branding; barcoding; freight, and logistics.

The next online workshop is scheduled to take place on July 16, from Papua New Guinea.

Contact Trade Development Manager for PTI NZ Ian Furlong – for more information about the workshops and how to participate.

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