Whangārei based company Cocavo has been gaining worldwide attention with their super-healthy coconut and avocado oil blends, breaking into the US market, and with their sights also set on Europe and Asia. 

Cocavo produces a range of blended gourmet cooking oils using high-quality coconut oil sourced from Blue Pacific countries such as Fiji, Samoa, and the Solomon Islands. 

PTI NZ will be hosting Cocavo at the Food Show in Auckland next week as part of our Pasifika Culinary Experience.  

Aude Douyere, Trade Development Manager says it has been fantastic to have Cocavo on board. 

“Cocavo is a fantastic example of a Kiwi business which looks to the Pacific for its product. Keeping things in the Blue Pacific region, and it’s great to have the opportunity to showcase their healthy and innovative product. 

Neville Montefiore, Cocavo General Manager sings the praises of Pacific coconuts. 

“The climate in the Pacific is optimal for coconut production. This year we made progress in establishing our own manufacturing facilities in Fiji, and once COVID restrictions are lifted, we will continue with the project. It’s been a few years in the making. With technology developed by our CEO Chris Nathan we’re aiming to change the world of extra virgin coconut-oil production. 

“We also want to keep ingredient sourcing and operations in the Blue Pacific region as much as possible.  

“We’re not just looking at Fiji, but other islands as well. We want to really be a part of the community –  boots on the ground –  with our manufacturing plants providing employment and livelihood enterprises for thousands of rural dwellers in each country we eventually operate in. We also want to ensure the farmers growing these crops are seeing the gains from the coconut sales.” 

Image credit: Derek the Chef

Mr Montefiore says it’s not just about being a market leader but also taking a holistic view to coconut production, harvesting and usage. 

 “At the moment there is a high coconut yield resulting in a surplus, and therefore wastage. Our ability to process the whole coconut means better use of the whole product. In addition, we are looking at how we can intercrop the land for optimal farming. There are several crops that could be grown in the shade of the coconut palms such as turmeric, cacao and coffee. We want to revitalise the way the industry looks at coconut production. 

“Having a plant in Fiji means we can reinvest back into the economy in more ways than one.  

Cocavo have recently expanded their range of products to include hemp seed oil and flavour infused oils such as Sizzle & Drizzle Oil, Wasabi Oil, Chilli Oil and more recently Black Truffle oil. 

Cocavo will be at the Food Show (Auckland) next week, come taste the difference in a variety of recipes available for sampling at PTI NZ’s Pasifika Kitchen. Tickets are on sale now so don’t miss out.  

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