PTI NZ helps small to medium enterprises become export ready and enter the New Zealand market.

One of the ways we get products in front of distributors is by promoting our brands at events and trade shows.

This year we took part in the NZ Hair and Beauty Summit 2020.

The Summit gathers beauty professionals from around New Zealand to discuss latest trends in their industry.

Originally a live event following the return of Auckland to Alert Level Three in August the summit moved online.

From Face-to-Face to Digital

PTI NZ pivoted quickly and produced three videos featuring the three brands we were to promote at the event, Volcanic Earth (Vanuatu), Comptoir des Monoï (French Polynesia) and Island Glow (Tonga).

With a short lead in time, it was great to see what could be done digitally, working across four different countries. It is one of the ways we are adapting to a world coping with COVID.

This is the first time we have looked to deliver promotional videos for our brands.

A huge thank you to Jamie at Pure Productions who helped make first-time teething issues disappear in post-production!

The videos were shown at the Summit on Monday 21, September in-between the organised presentations.

Collecting Feedback

A key element to attending trade events is to have time with industry professionals and distributors.

It is important for us to be able to provide brands with industry feedback. For example, how they found the products, and what price point they think would be appropriate in the New Zealand market.

With the Summit now being online it was a question of how to recreate that “test” and “talk” opportunity.

We provided samples of one product from each brand so that attendees could get a feel for the products.

It navigated the issue of not being able to present the products in real life. It also meant that the attendees were able to test items in the comfort of their own homes.

To capture all feedback PTI NZ will send a post-event digital survey form.

Meet the Brands

PTI NZ looks after a range of products including natural and innovative hair and beauty products from the Pacific.

Volcanic Earth, Comptoir des Monoï and Island Glow provide beauty treatments drawing on centuries on Pasifika knowledge. Their main ingredients are grown and harvested on the islands.

They are notable as businesses with goals that include growing their local economies, reducing poverty, and helping women in the workforce.

They also stand out in a world where huge production lines are pumping out masses of products pumped full of chemical ingredients.

Volcanic Earth from Vanuatu use the hibiscus flower in recipes refined by Vanuatu locals whose families have used these recipes for generations to treat problem skin.

Comptoir des Monoï from French Polynesia was founded by two pharmacists with the heart of explorers who yearned to discover and create products from Tahiti’s ancient traditions and local ingredients.

Island Glow from Tonga is a beauty spa in Tonga that make their own products featuring the much lauded calophyllum tacamahaca, also known as tamanu oil.

Combine the calming environment of a salon with the feel of an island vacay through beautifully crafted products and it’s a match made in heaven.

Get in Touch

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