Oonagh Browne

What began as a hobby, quickly turned into a passion as Oonagh Browne discovered the wonders of cacao, coming across this incredible natural treasure during a trip to the Solomon Islands.  

During the past 18 months with four on-island visits and harnessing the power of Zoom Oonagh has worked with farmers in the Solomon Islands to help train, and support  local villages in how to care for their trees and enjoy their own cacao.  

“For too long the chocolate industry has taken advantage of low prices and now it’s time to change that. The Solomon Islands produce beautiful unadulterated cacao, and the farmers deserve our attention, care and support so they can continue to do so”  

Cacao beans

The birth of She Universe allowed Oonagh to journey with cacao as she found it to be her mental saviour after a breakdown due to the Christchurch earthquakes.  

“I spent some healing time on a friends’ cacao farm and had a profound connection with the trees. Since that day, the trees speak to me and share how much they want their seeds, the cacao beans to be a medicine for these times.”  

Working closely with Strongim Bisnis and PHAMA Plus to support and train farmers in the Solomon Islands, Oonagh has recently partnered with the owner of Cathliro©, a Solomon Islands’ company, to create ‘The Cathliro© Way’.  

Oonagh says The Cathliro© Way is about change through empowerment and being on the ground to support the villages of cacao communities from bean to bar.  

“It’s not just about paying a good price for cacao.”  

Oonagh’s goals for She Universe is to change the chocolate industry by educating, inspiring, and working closely with farmers. With a range of chocolates to cater for all diet types, She Universe is known for being creative, genuine, and innovative in their processes. 

“I want to make amazing world class chocolate that is authentic and pure. I’m also passionate about educating the people about the healing properties of cacao, especially around mental wellness.” 

PTI NZ is pleased to be sponsoring She Universe to participate in the Chocolate and Coffee Show on the 14-15 November and the Auckland Food Show on the 19-22 November. 

Come along and taste the beauty of cacao.   

You can get tickets for the Chocolate and Coffee Show here and the Auckland Food Show here.  

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