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(Picture caption: Kata Fiji Bongo Chilli Sauce supports Fijian farmers.) 

Hot enough to pack a punch but not overpower your food, Kata Fiji Bongo Chilli Sauce is made from fresh, ethically sourced, and locally grown Bongo chillies.

It is the hot sauce which supports Fijian farmers, Kata Fiji owner Scott Wade says.

“Fiji Bongo Chillies are famous not only for their fiery heat (up to 350,000 Scoville units) but also for their unique taste, producing a sauce which complements so many different foods,” Scott says.

The business is also the focus of Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand’s Deal by Design programme, which is facilitated in partnership with The University of Otago Food Science department.

The purpose is to identify ways to add value to an existing PIC product by exploring and analysing its food application uses, assessing potential consumers appeal of food  products concepts, and to develop a marketing brand and plan the company could use to help develop a commercially viable product for the New Zealand market.

Trade Development Manager at PTI New Zealand Aude-Emmanuelle Douyere says the Deal by Design programme has been running since March and concludes in October 2020.

With Kata Fiji on-board, all those involved in Deal by Design have the ultimate goal of designing and creating a chilli sauce product using Fijian bongo chilli suitable for the New Zealand market and suitable to the production process capacity of Kata Fiji.

“Not only will this be a great addition to Scott’s cabinet of products, but it can lead to create more business for the local farmers in Fiji and bring a suitable and uniquely Pacific product to the New Zealand market,” Aude says.

Contact PTI NZ Trade Development Manager Aude-Emmanuelle for more information.

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