It’s time for this year’s thirty-second and final edition of PTI NZ’s Pacific PeriscopePacific Periscope has been bringing you stories of the achievements of companies and entrepreneurs from around the Pacific Islands since 2011; and as in all previous years, this year, too, the PP team has been delighted to tell you how our partnerships have helped take Pacific products to the world’s biggest markets.

Thanks to readers’ continually increasing engagement with our digital presence through Pacific Periscope and our social media platforms, our readership has been steadily growing and 2018 has been our best year so far.

Digital media instantly put us in touch with one another and we greatly appreciate your continued feedback, ideas, news tips and contributions to make our communications more useful for our clients and stakeholders alike. We appreciate your engagement with your tips, comments, shares and likes – keep them coming.

Thank you all for your readership, your feedback and your goodwill. Keep sending us your stories and keep checking us out on our social media platforms.

Merry Christmas. Have a pleasant, enjoyable and safe holiday season with family and friends and wish you a Happy New Year filled with good health, prosperity and much to cheer!

Dev Nadkarni


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