As the end of yet another eventful year approaches, it’s a good time to peer into the rear-view mirror while also looking forward to the journey ahead…

Dev Nadkarni

Dev Nadkarni

We in the communications and marketing team have had a busy year doing what we do best: telling stories about Pacific Island companies, their products and services. In the crowded world of lookalike and me-too products, telling a product’s unique backstory well can contribute greatly to its success.

The islands have a lot going for them in terms of exotica, their pristine environments, their wonderful and friendly people and their ancient cultures. These are excellent ingredients for unique backstories. Retelling them to the right audiences on the right platforms have helped open doors in the world’s furthest corners for coffee from PNG, cocoa from the Solomon Islands, ginger from Fiji and a range of fresh produce, foods and beverages from several island nations across the region.

We help tell our clients’ stories through our fortnightly Pacific Periscope, which you are now reading, and amplify them to reach wider audiences through digital platforms like social media and websites as well as through news releases across conventional media. This year we redesigned Periscope, deployed new analytical tools and have added greatly to our readership, all of which has generated useful feedback helping us improve our service offerings.

Our social media interactions have also grown significantly. Digital media instantly put us in touch with one another and we greatly appreciate your continued feedback, ideas, news tips and contributions to make our communications more useful for our clients and stakeholders alike. Every ‘like’, every comment spurs us on to do better. Thank you for your encouragement.

In the New Year, we plan to work toward connecting better and more meaningfully with our Pacific Island companies and stakeholders while optimising our media platforms to deliver better communications and marketing outcomes.

Merry Christmas. Have a pleasant, enjoyable and safe holiday season with family and friends and wish you a Happy New Year filled with good health, much wealth and cheer!

Dev Nadkarni
Marketing & Communications Manager

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