Visualise a Pacific Island paradise – the soothing ocean breeze blowing softly across sparkling turqoise waters, the surf playing a melody with whispering coconut palms. Now, take a deep breath.  This is what artisanal perfume house, EAU DES ÎLES has bottled. EAU DES ÎLES uses the art of perfumery to capture the sensuality and vibrance of the Pacific. The luxurious perfumes are created in Vanuatu using French expertise and inspired by the exotic scents of Pacific flora and the Pacific Ocean, using premium oils sourced from around the region. The name, EAU DES ÎLES, literally means ‘water of the islands’, and pays tribute to Vanautu’s French heritage whilst playing on the traditional perfumery phrase ‘eau de parfum’.

Creator and founder of EAU DES ÎLES, Lee-Anne Sackett will be representing one of two Vanuatu businesses attending a 40+ Pacific business delegation from tn Pacific nations attending Pacific Trade Invest New Zealand’s Path to Market programme.  The five-day programme is aimed at helping Pacific Island exporters and potential exporters gain a better understanding of the New Zealand market. EAU DES ÎLES will be connecting with potential buyers and distributors as part of the programme.

EAU DES ÎLES showcase their fragrance line at the one-day Path to the Pacific Trade Show on Saturday 6 April at The Cloud from 10am to 5pm.

EAU DES ÎLES is already well established in their domestic market in Vanuatu and available at various duty-free and retail stores within Port Vila, as well as Vanuatu’s luxury resort boutiques. They currently export to the boutique stores, The Projects Collective and The House of Design, in Fiji and sell internationally through the EAU DES ÎLES Online Perfume Store, found at

The founder, Ms Sackett, originally from Sydney, Australia, was posted to Vanuatu to work on Ambrym, a remote, mystical island in the heart of Vanuatu, with a traditional council of chiefs. She says, “Three years of the island life led to the birth of EAU DES ÎLES, a medium to share the uniqueness of the South Pacific Islands through the Art of Perfumery… something that has not be done prior.

“The logo, which is a traditional canoe, represents the vessel that carried the South Pacific’s ancestors across the vast blue to a new home, to Paradise. So I wanted to transport people, take a chance and start a new journey.”

The vibrant, blue hues throughout the range represent the many shades of the Pacific Ocean.  The look and presentation of the fragrances departs from the Pacific norm, utilising minimalism to emphasize the luxe. Whilst categorized in traditional ways (“Pour Femme” and “Pour Homme”), the EAU DES ÎLES fragrances appeal to all genders and connoisseurs of exclusive fragrances.

The signature range is currently sold in 50ml bottles of eau de parfum and available also in wedding gift sets and 2ml sample sets. Ms Sackett also informs us that a new line, inspired by the Fiji Islands, is set to be launched in Fiji in June 2019.

For more information please contact Pacific Trade Invest Development Manager Ian Furlong on

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