The economy and environment share the spotlight


(Picture caption: The International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer in Japan.)

The spotlight was shone on the environment and how it relates to businesses in the Pacific at a recent workshop in Japan.

A Workshop and Seminar for Environmental Business Potential in Pacific Island Countries was hosted by the International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer (ICETT) at Nagoya Innovators Garage, in February.

Director of the Pacific Islands Centre (PIC), Roy Saito provided a presented at the workshop, sharing his knowledge and expertise gained from working with PIC, which assists Forum Island Countries (FICs) in sustainable economic development through the promotion of trade, investment and tourism between Japan and FICs.

The PIC also takes part in the Pacific Islands Trade and Invest (PTI) network, in Tokyo.

Over many years, ICETT has supported private sectors in the Chubu area, transferring their environmental technology to Asian developing countries.

Recently, ICETT has been focusing more on waste plastic treatment operations in the Pacific, and the organisation decided to host this workshop, which attracted 70 people from private and public sectors who engage in waste materials treatment in Mie Prefecture, Yokkaichi City and Nagoya City.

In Director Saito’s presentation – Business activity in Pacific Island Countries – attractiveness and points of attention – he explained about PIC’s current activity and the social and economic traits of island nations in the Pacific.

He also mentioned crucial points of business in those countries, especially over four industries (environmental business, pilot program, low-tech industry, business investment) by referring to the practical example of a Japanese firm.

The PIC is eager to nurture a cooperative working relationship with ICETT to develop environment business in Pacific Islands Countries, through initiatives this year, including February’s Joint Public Private Economic Mission to Fiji.

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