Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you all!  Thanks for sharing your stories with us this year.    It was an honour and a privilege working with everyone and I look forward to next year!  It’s been great doing our social media this year especially with a new iph!  Social media is quick, immediate, free and easily accessible to anyone with a mobile phone! Did I say FREE!   But it’s also a vital tool for communicating with a widespread international internet savvy audience.

Eleanor Ikinofo

For Pasifika Festival we introduced 25 companies from 8 Pacific Island countries through extra editions of the Pacific Periscope. We also added an extra edition for the Auckland Food Show companies. We used Facebook and made several new video clips for our PTI NZ YouTube channel and Google+.

Our then Office administrator Haukura Jones, brought in Te Hiku TV, Maori TV coverage for our events and helped us kick off on Instagram for the first time at the Auckland Food Show. Hauki returned home to Northland in November but she made a valuable contribution and…Hauki’s clips are on our page!

Mary Aue of Coconut Wireless also posted for us at the Auckland Gift Fair and sent our Facebook Likes soaring!  We also went ‘Live’ on Facebook from the Chocolate and Coffee Show for a nearly first time.

Finally, Minoru Nishi’s Mai e Nima (Give me 5) campaign on Healthy Eating and the Tonga Language Week dream team.  Up with the birds for the Turners and Growers breakfast promo but the melty butternut tarts were worth every bite!   Even a mini-storm at the Saturday French Market couldn’t wipe the smiles from everyone getting free watermelon! Totally awesome, fun campaign. To finish Peace and Happy Holidays everyone! Safe travels! Monuina e Kilisimasi mo e Tau Foou!

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