ELife at PTI Europe’s London and Paris showcase

ELife Samoa Wild Turmeric will be one of three Pacific Island export companies at The Caffe Culture Show (CCS) in London from 16-17 October 2018. 

Etu Tusitala displays his wares at a previous food show.

They will then exhibit at SIAL 2018 in Paris from 21-25 October.  Both shows are targeted at specific audiences in enormous international markets.

Etu and Elena Tusitala are the owners of ELife Samoa Wild Turmeric and were invited to be part of Pacific Trade Invest Europe’s stand, organised by Robyn Ekstrom, PTI Europe’s Trade Promotions Adviser.

Ms Ekstrom said, “Given the unique and innovative product, motivated and enthusiastic staff and excellent back story, I believe ELife is a company well placed to successfully undertake this important first foray into European and UK market entry.”

“It means a lot,” Mr Tusitala said. “What a blessing and an honour to be invited to be part of this amazing show, where we will introduce and promote our brand/our drink, for the first time ever in the UK and other parts of Europe to thousands of professionals, buyers, distributors in the food, beverage and service industry,” he said.

“Being the first producer/exporter company from Samoa to attend/exhibit at the CCS is extremely exciting. Being part of CCS also means the development of export opportunities to Europe.  We will be putting Samoa on the map!” he said.

The Caffe Culture Show in London is a trade only event, aimed at some 4000 coffee experts from independent cafes to buyers from chain and speciality stores.  SIAL 2018 in Paris is one of the largest market places for food service professionals from around the globe where 7020 companies from 109 countries, will be participating.

Mr Tusitala aims to introduce and promote their premium brand ELife Samoa Wild turmeric drink in the UK and Europe and at the same time promote Samoa as a destination.

Mr Tusitala has created a mascot of himself with his distinctive hairstyle in time for the shows.

Mr Tusitala, a participant of the PTI NZ Path to Market export capability building programme, started his export journey a few years ago with a stall at La Cigale French Market in Parnell, Auckland, before being at Auckland’s Pasifika Festival.  The overwhelming positive responses set a good foundation for the future.

Earlier this year, PTI NZ invited ELife to showcase at the Auckland Food Show as part of PTI Auckland’s Pacific Hub stand.  Last year, Etu was also part of the Auckland Coffee & Chocolate Show, where his focus was brand recognition, as well as promoting a healthy alternative to coffee.

Etu acknowledges and credits PTI’s network and support, as one of the driving forces behind brand recognition and promotion of his product in different markets.

When Etu Tusitala of ELife Samoa Wild Turmeric returned to Auckland from participating in PTI Australia’s Fine Food Australia stand in 2018, he was enthused about the future.

Last week Pacific Periscope spoke to Mr Tusitala about his recent experience at the two-yearly event held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, from 10-13 September.  The event attracted between 20,000 to 50,000 visitors and more than 500 exhibitors.

He was excited about how well things went, “The staff at PTI Australia were helpful and professional.  [the show] was very well organised and they did their best to put us on the big stage,” he said.

Mr Tusitala said being at Fine Food Australia 2018 was “really hitting the right set of clientele and sellers, which is the key for the brand to be recognised.”

People were amazed and surprised by the drink, initially expecting it to be (made from) a powder, he said.  “They never thought it was juice.”

The responses from audiences at Fine Food Australia were positive and pricing for his quality product was comparable if not better than other exhibitors.

An eye-opener for Etu at Fine Food Australia, was that people wanted their turmeric juice in drink sized glass bottles.  His Samoa Wild Turmeric is currently sold only in 500 ml, one and two litre plastic bottles.  Etu is now getting a 40ft container of 350 ml and 375 ml glass bottles shipped over.  He will have sample glass bottles at his upcoming European events and should have the drink available in glass bottles by mid-2019.  One of Etu’s aims from attending PTI’s Fine Food Australia 2018, was to continue to raise brand awareness in different markets.

The last couple of years of being part of the PTI network, attending different trade shows and meeting/ interacting with different audiences, has given Etu a deeper understanding of the different markets.   Mr Tusitala is excited to go to Europe next month and he is confident that his certified organic ELife Wild Turmeric will receive positive feedback.  Indeed, even if Europe is familiar with Turmeric and have good awareness of its properties, they are in for something unique- “Realistically they haven’t tried Samoa’s Turmeric Latte,” he said.  Another great thing about going to Europe is that Mrs Elena Tusitala hails from New Caledonia and speaks French.

For more information contact PTI NZ Trade Development Manager Ian Furlong on ian.f@pacifictradeinvest.co.nz

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