Fiji’s Agricultural Marketing Authority which trades as Fiji AgroMarketing is another State-owned Enterprise (SoE) – the other being Copra Millers – that will participate at the Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) NZ Pasifika Business Market at the Pasifika Festival in Auckland on March 24-25.

Fiji AgroMarketing’s array of exported products will be on show at Pasifika.

In September last year, PTI NZ facilitated a Fijian government mission to New Zealand that brought officials of Fiji AgroMarketing (AMA) to investigate a range of tools to assess parameters from the value of root crops, the types of root crops demanded, marketing and the development of new recipes and support from celebrity chefs.

PTI Trade Development Manager Ian Furlong had then said that the visit highlighted the Fiji Ministry of Agriculture’s serious commitment to building a sustainable and formal export industry to New Zealand.

Earlier, in 2016, PTI NZ facilitated a formal supply agreement between Fiji AgroMarketing and Supa Save Supermarkets in Auckland.

“I feel so privileged and excited to be invited to showcase Fiji Agricultural Marketing Authority products for the first time at Pasifika,” says Mere-Kini Salusalu, AMA’s Technical Services Manager.

AMA will be displaying its ‘Premium Kava’ and Virgin Coconut Oil packaged in glass bottles.

“Kava is the traditional and ceremonial drink in Fiji and the other Pacific Islands. This will be a great opportunity to attract potential kava drinkers and importers to test and taste AMA Premium Kava just like they are in their own Pasifika Islands,” Ms Salusalu told Pacific Periscope.

“However, most Pacific islanders in New Zealand have lost touch drinking the real premium quality kava — AMA will promote the best premium kava during the festival,” she added.

Ms Salusalu sees Pasifika as an opportunity to elevate Fiji’s reputation at regional and international levels as a producer and supplier of quality AMA Premium Kava and provide a business platform “to our very own Pasifika islanders about our two products.”

AMA’s Virgin Coconut Oil is pressed from organically grown island coconut plantations is tested at an accredited University of South Pacific Laboratory and bottled for international markets, she said.

Ms Salusalu acknowledged PTI NZ’s role in facilitating AMA’s participation at Pasifika. “This is an excellent networking opportunity in collaborating the untapped potential of exporters around the Pacific islands to promote existing exportable products,” she said.

AMA is an alumnus of the PTI NZ Path to Market programme and Ms Salusalu also acknowledged her organisation’s participation in the programme through Fiji Export Council, which is PTI’s Economic Development Agency partner in Fiji for the programme.

“I am sure this visit will also create new business and marketing opportunities for AMA for both existing and new exportable products to New Zealand,” Ms Salusalu, who will be in Auckland for the Pasifika Festival, said.

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