Fiji premium skincare range targets global spa market

A premium skincare product range, Nama of Fiji – Pure Hydration has just now been introduced in New Zealand, Australia and Prague in Czechoslovakia. 

A selection of the Nama range.

The high-quality product is made by Essence of Fiji and is aimed at capturing the lucrative high end International Spa Market.

Essence of Fiji Rejuvenation Centre Managing Director Debra Sadranu said, “We have been manufacturing spa products for 15 years, however, we are very excited to have launched our new premium skincare range Nama of Fiji.”

Essence of Fiji, a client of Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand was invited to be part of the Pacific Path to Market delegation to the Pasifika Festival in 2015.  The visit helped the company review the packaging and labelling of its products and promoted further understanding of the New Zealand spa and beauty market.

In 2016, the International SPA Association (ISPA) released the results of a study undertaken by Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) on the United States Spa Industry.  The findings were impressive.  The total revenue for 2015 was a whopping $16.3 billion up 5% from the previous year on $15.5 billion. The industry is expected to achieve 20 billion by 2020, Colin McIlheney, global research director for PwC said.

“Nama of Fiji is suited to the International Spa Market, with its proven results and stunning packaging and branding.  It puts Fiji on the map for high end skin care,” Mrs Sadranu said.

Nama Fiji’s product range is based on the delicate bright green globes of ‘tiny grape-like nodules’ called Nama or Sea Grapes.  The seaweed is sourced from the natural and pristine oceans of the Blue Lagoons in the Yasawa Island chains in Fiji.  Think – 1980’s Hollywood movie location – ‘Blue Lagoon’ with Brooke Shields and Chris Atkins.

Nama Fiji offers hydrating moisturising creams for women along with a new men’s skin care pack.  It is manufactured by Essence of Fiji for use in their training institute – Spa Academy Fiji and the Senikai Spa Chain in Fiji.

The products are not tested on animals but relies on the unique natural qualities of the Nama to provide natural skin hydration and moisturising.

Sea grapes.

Globally, many skincare products have relied on Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin.  Hyaluronic Acid is found naturally in the body as an important component of human connective tissue and lubricates and hydrates the joints.  HA can be sourced from animals or made by bacteria in a laboratory.

Nama is considered an effective alternative to Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and has several vitamins and minerals.

It contains A, B, C, K and beta carotene along with protein, calcium and unsaturated fatty acids found in the omega 3 group.  The components are widely accepted as being effective for a range of skin conditions from soothing inflammation and redness to maintaining the collagen structure of the skin, in simpler terms – plumping up the skin and lessening the appearance of redness, rosacea and broken capillaries and lines or wrinkles.

The Nama from the Yasawa Islands was found to be larger and plumper than Nama found in the entire Fiji group.

But Nama Fiji’s success should have a positive long term economic impact on the livelihoods of the local villagers who will sustainably grow and harvest the Nama.

The company consulted experts at the James Cook University in Australia to ensure the sustainable farming and harvesting of Nama.

Distributors for Nama Fiji are now appointed in Australia, New Zealand and Prague and the company is working through Fiji Airways and Tourism Fiji destination partners to raise brand awareness.

Mrs Sadranu has been instrumental in building the Spa and Beauty industry since moving to Fiji in 1998.  An experienced beauty therapist, Mrs Sadranu opened the first Spa Academy of its kind in Fiji.  Since then, they have trained thousands of local and international students who have gained externally recognised qualifications and now proudly through CIDESCO International.

Mrs Sadranu also introduced a loan scheme to assist students from lower income families to receive training.  There is also ongoing sponsorship to train 30 Women from Sabeto for Tifajek Mud Pools treatments, training for the disabled and hosting annual visits to an aged care home for a day of spa treatments.  The proceeds from a pet spa range goes to the animal shelter and commissioned art work from the late local disabled artist Apimeleki Vakarau for the product packaging.

Essence of Fiji Rejuvenation Centre and Spa Academy Fiji are located only 5 min form the Fiji International Fiji Airport.  Their Centre provides the idyllic transit lounge and factory outlet for Travellers who have raved about their luxurious Spa experience adding to Fiji’s international spa and tourism reputation.   The reviews on Trip Advisor, the online travel site with millions of traveller recommendations, rewarded Essence of Fiji with top 5-star billing for Spas & Wellness Centres in Fiji.

Ms Sadranu’s efforts over the years was recognised by winning Fiji’s Visionary Aon Excellence Tourism Award in 2011 and Fiji’s 2015 Business Woman of the Year.

For more information please contact: Joe Fuavao, Pacific Trade Invest Trade Development Manager on

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