Fine Foods one of four companies from Vanuatu at Pasifika

The good quality of Vanuatu’s produce is well known throughout the Pacific and this year a delegation of four companies will be coming to Pasifika Festival 2017 on March 25-26.
One company is Vanuatu’s Fine Foods Limited headed by CEO Cornelia Wylie. Ms Wylie is keen to promote the clean and pristine environment of Vanuatu where the produce is grown. Her aim is to for Vanuatu’s products to take their place on the international stage and thus stepped up to lead the group. Ms Wylie is leading the Vanuatu delegation.

“It is not about me but the opportunity for emerging exporters to be able to access a market that is both hungry for Pacific Island products but also matched to the capacity of supply,” she said.

“I look on leading this delegation as a mother mentor, I want to see Vanuatu exporters be successful.  I believe that Vanuatu products are the best and we are the nutraceutical capital of the South Pacific.

“The build-up is like taking a leap from a plane and making sure we have the parachute firmly on our backs.”
Ms Wylie’s company produces eight different products that will appeal to the New Zealand market who are keen on the clean and green aspects of products.

Natur’kai are pouches of cassava, kumara, taro, plantain, coconut cream, smoked spices. The packs come in a two-piece pillow pack of 360gms.

Being a little saucy is Spicy’kai – Cannibal sauce. It is made with five different chilis, tomato, papaya and organic spices from the spice network in the remote Northern islands of Vanuatu. It comes in 320 gm spout pouches.

There are also three juices in the range: F Juice which is made of Feijoa juice and packed with natural fibre and flavonoids from the Feijoa fruit. Wild limes from the Eco Farm is used to make lime juice. The juice is squeezed under nine tons of pressure and filtered to remove seeds. No sugar or water is added making it a potent lime juice mix. Lime juice is packed in 320ml and one litre spout packs. Pineapple juice is a premium quality – no added sugar and made only from fresh fruit with a bright clear taste.

Ms Wylie says she has been a beneficiary of Pacific Trade & Invest support in the past.

“I know first-hand how important the role is that PT&I have played. For the Pacific Path to Market – [PT&I] are the parachute on our backs. It is the gentle guidance to the landing zone so that we can hit the ground running.”

Ms Wylie says there are three outcomes she would like to achieve from the Pasifika Festival participation.

Firstly – to raise the profile of Vanuatu of what the country can also offer apart from a tourist destination – “Our roots are in agriculture.”

For the delegation, Ms Wylie said she would like to see closer collaboration of exporters and networking within the country to meet buyers’ expectation as well as a bringing back knowledge of the next steps in export.

Finally, for her own company, Fine Foods Limited she would be keen to sign up one distributor for at least one product line.

Ms Wylie added, “I am looking forward to meeting up with some old faces and making connections with new ones.”

“The Pacific is one big family, we are individuals but we share so much in common. If everyone comes together with open heart it (Pasifika) will be a fantastic learning experience.”

Welcoming the Vanuatu delegation, Michael greenslade, PT&I Trade Commissioner said, “Helo long yufala! We are delighted to have the delegation from Vanuatu here this year.  Vanuatu has been very much a front of mind country over the last 18 months with the severe natural disasters this resilient country has had to put up with.

“This resilience reflects well on its government, its economic development agency and their private sector and PT&I looks forward to rewarding that resilience with our 100% support.  Best wishes!”

For more information please email Ian Furlong, Pacific Trade Invest Trade Development Manager on

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