FMF to test new biscuits at Auckland Food Show

A household name across the Pacific Islands region over the past forty years, Fiji’s FMF brand is renowned for popular products like FMF Breakfast Crackers, All-Natural Fine Fare Cream biscuits and cookies and a growing range of sweet and savoury packaged snack foods. It’s state of the art flour and biscuit factory in Suva exports around the region including to New Zealand and Australia.

Rakesh Raju, FMF’s Business Development Manager for Exports will be at the Auckland Food Show later this month.

Last year FMF invested F$40 million on a massive new biscuit factory outside the Fijian capital of Suva, greatly boosting its export capacity. FMF’s biscuit products like Breakfast Crackers, Cookies, Tymo chocolate enrobed biscuits and Chow Noodles been available on the shelves of New Zealand supermarkets and convenience stores for some time now. As well as exporting its own brands, FMF has been making biscuits for well-known brands in New Zealand and Australia for several years.

This is the second year in a row that FMF will be participating at the Auckland Food Show with a booth at the Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand hosted Pacific Hub stand, which will feature nine food and beverage exporters from the Pacific Islands region. FMF Business Development Manager for Exports Rakesh Raju will be representing the company at the show as he did last year.

“Exhibiting at the Auckland Food Show will be a great way to advertise our products and create brand awareness.  It provides us with a platform to promote our products to a broader group that may have little or no knowledge of our products. We reckon there would be a lot to gain from promoting our products in person at this show,” Mr Raju told Pacific Periscope.

“Besides giving us a first-hand view of the level of involvement and the types of people attending this event it gives us a chance to ask questions of other business owners and attendees to find out what works and what doesn’t. Being involved at the Auckland Food Show would signal our presence in the greater Pacific market and could provide us with opportunities for B2B trading.”

Mr Raju said the FMF brand was established with Pacific Island people living in Auckland and that the company was seeking to strengthen its consumer presence in the mainstream New Zealand market.

Just as it had sampled a range of products last year, it will bring in a new set of its biscuits to test-market at this year’s show.

“We will test out our Fine Fare Lemon Bites, which, in our opinion, is a very promising product for the New Zealand market. This will enable us to know if we are connecting with our target market and attracting potential customers,” Mr Raju said.

Mr Raju described last year’s participation as a great learning exercise that helped the company gauge the tastes and preferences of New Zealand customers and fine tune its product offering to Kiwis. The company will not bring back some of the products it sampled last year having tested some of them in the New Zealand market.

“Some products didn’t perform to our expectations probably owing to its price, being a premium product. We will not be showcasing it this year but having got a better understanding of the market, will display some new products as also some from last year,” Mr Raju said.

FMF is a participant in the PTI NZ Pacific Path to Market programme. Path to Market is designed to help exporters from the Pacific Islands gain a better understanding of the New Zealand market. It is an export capability programme combining a range of export facilitation services to help export ready and export capable businesses to enter New Zealand.

The programme follows a series of methodical steps to get into the New Zealand market, starting with the workshops followed by an exploratory trade mission to New Zealand to apply their learnings, trial their products and packaging and introduce exporters to potential buyers.

For more information contact Joe Fuavao, PTI NZ Trade Development Manager at

What: The Auckland Food Show
When: July 27-30
Where: ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane
Where to find the PTI Pacific Hub Stand: Hall 3 Stand E4.


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