Haukura Jones, Office Administrator at the Auckland office of Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand, bid adieu to the team last week.

Joining in May 2016, Ms Jones helped coordinate several of PTI NZ’s external and internal activities and events besides her regular office administration tasks.

She played a major logistics, cultural and organising role when PTI hosted twenty-eight companies from eight Pacific Islands countries at the 2017 Pasifika festival in Auckland as part of PTI NZ’s Path to Market programme.

“I will remember driving everyone around in the juice van at Pasifika and being able to take the delegation to Te Mahurehure marae and have them participate in a traditional welcoming,” she told Pacific Periscope on her last day at work last week.

Speaking on what she will remember most of her work at PTI NZ she said, “I enjoyed meeting people from the Pacific Islands and from all the different countries. They were so friendly and humorous.”

She said she greatly appreciated the opportunity to serve the people of the Pacific, helping sell their products in New Zealand and aiding economic development back in the islands during her time at PTI NZ.

“I have had the opportunity to meet some of the small business owners based in Fiji, Samoa, PNG, Solomon Islands and Niue when they were visiting Auckland for the Fine Foods Festival and working at the Auckland Food Show.

“What I have gathered is that they are all hard workers with a vision, they really appreciate the support and guidance that our organisation offers and they’re very friendly.”

Ms Jones has her roots in Northland and plans to return there as part of her next move. “I plan to go back to Northland and work on my garden and look after our animals, go fishing and live a very rural lifestyle and enjoy being by the ocean,” she told Pacific Periscope.

One of seven children of Ngareta and Shane Jones, Haukura was raised speaking both Te Reo Maori and English, like her other siblings, reflecting their Maori and European heritage.

Hei kona ra, Hauki, ka kite ano.






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