Inter-regional Partnerships – work in action (V5-S5-16)

A multi-million dollar wharf project in Vanuatu is highlighting the success of inter-regional partnerships in the Pacific.

HIL Simonsen works site with a crane barge being made ready for work.

HIL Simonsen works site with a crane barge being made ready for work.

Hawkins Infrastructure Limited (HIL) began the Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded $18 million project on the Port Vila wharves for the Vanuatu Government in December last year well and is well on track for completion in the last quarter of 2017.

At the heart of the continuing success of HIL is the inter-regional partnerships formed by the New Zealand business and its Pacific counterparts.

Pacific Periscope spoke briefly with Tony Parsons of HIL International Business Development at the Head of Missions breakfast recently and updated on its inter-regional project in Vanuatu.

Hawkins Infrastructure Limited (HIL) is a major provider of infrastructure projects in New Zealand.  Last year HIL reported exponential growth in just over two years through an increased number of key contracts won domestically and internationally.

HIL won a contract to assist the Vanuatu Tourism Infrastructure Project (VTIP) deliver a revitalised seafront and cruise ship precincts of Port Vila. The project will enhance the facilities for the cruise ships whose visitors spend tens of millions in Vanuatu annually.

HIL has contracted a concrete fabrication company in Fiji to precast components of the construction project and ship them to Vanuatu where they will work with local contractors.

The project involves the construction of five new inter-island wharves of which the two larger wharves in Port Vila (South Paray) and Santos (Simonsen) respectively with three others on the outer islands.  The second contract is to upgrade the foreshore in Port Vila.

“We are procuring precast concrete and concrete aggregate for both projects from a Fiji based supplier, using Fijian based interisland shipping to deliver the product” said Mr Parsons.

Fiji’s Humes Precast won the contract as the most competent and cost effective supplier in the region for precast concrete supplies.

Meanwhile, in Vanuatu Mr Parsons said, “We are working with local Vanuatu subcontractors who are supplying quarry products, construction equipment and labour.”

On the ground in Vanuatu HIL’s Senior Project Manager Chris Schoonakker reported this week they were finding the partners/sub-contractors incredibly friendly and willing to apply themselves.

“It is really a great learning curve for them all to work on an international project of this scale,” he said.

HIL has also kept key stakeholders in Port Vila updated and on board through holding public information meetings.

The overall project partnership is between the New Zealand and Vanuatu Governments and the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF).  The New Zealand Government and the EIF have both contributed significant amounts to the revitalisation project along with ADB and the Vanuatu Government.

Pacific Islands Trade & Invest has an association with Hawkins Group through memberships in various Pacific Island business councils.

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