The best way for any country’s economy to grow is by direct foreign investment. And it makes sense for New Zealand investors to look at opportunities within our Blue Pacific region. 

Through April to July alone PTI NZ helped facilitate $6.8m worth of investment deals in the Pacific. 

Investment in Pacific Island businesses and infrastructure will help future proof the Blue Region. It will also leave the smaller islands less vulnerable to situations affecting their bottom line. 

Seeking out investment and trade opportunities with Pacific Island Countries takes advantage of our proximity and accessibility. 

It means greater resilience and stronger recovery when not all economy is reliant on tourism dollars and remittances. 

Setting up for a Better Future 

The Blue Pacific is not simply a chain of islands on a map – there is a shared culture, history and understanding between us. 

Due to location and the ability as islands to isolate, New Zealand and other countries in the Blue Pacific have been able to remain relatively COVID free and resume day-to-day life. 

We are still in the position of being able to manufacture and trade goods with relative ease. 

Why New Zealand should be a Key Investor 

Aotearoa New Zealand has the largest Pasifika population in the world. We should be looking to build on our shared culture, history, politics and understanding. 

Our proximity to other countries in the Blue Pacific gives us unique access into their markets. 

New Zealand is a relatively small country and is well-positioned to understand the size and scale of the opportunities presented to us. 

This is the chance to invest in companies that other larger nations and companies may not be looking at. 

There is a breadth of opportunities when it comes to investing in the Blue Pacific. Many synergise with what we are doing here in New Zealand, such as natural resources (oil, gas, and mining) to infrastructure – both hard and soft infrastructure and consumer goods. 

Interested in Investing? 

Our investment team ensure they have regular engagements with investors and businesses in both NZ and the Pacific. They work to connect the right partners so that all receive a mutual benefit with their partnership and investment. 

We have found it particularly relevant come from the islands and want to invest back in your country of birth. There has never been a better time than now. 

PTI NZ helps Pacific SMEs access the NZ Market 

It’s not just about investing in the Blue Pacific. PTI NZ also works to bring the Blue Pacific region together through goods being brought into the New Zealand market. 

We focus on getting export capable businesses become export ready and then help source New Zealand distributors for their product. 

These are businesses we identify as needing assistance in areas such as branding, packaging, and NZ market knowledge. 

We provide the learning opportunities to cover these gaps such as Path to Market workshops and the Business Mentoring Programme. Then we find possible distributors. 

2021 and Beyond

In 2020 we have seen how important it is to think about supply chain, and how inter-Blue Pacific trading can be beneficial to the region. 

Our proximity means that trade routes are easier to keep open. While other larger nations have faltered most smaller island nations have been able to pivot and maintain borders to effectively control spread of the pandemic. 

This means day to day life keep going, and relatively normal. Businesses can stay open, and running, especially if they have export markets such as New Zealand to trade with. 

Find out more 

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