Investment opportunity in Fiji’s seafood industry

An exciting investment opportunity awaits savvy investors interested in expanding their footprint in Fiji’s seafood sector. Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand Chief Investment Officer Manuel Valdez says this is an opportunity for potential investors to help co-finance an existing company’s expansion plans in both local and international markets. The company is the retailer, wholesaler and exporter of fish and meat and is offering the opportunity to pick up a substantial stake in it.

Against the backdrop of seafood lovers increasingly facing inconsistent supply of seafood along with the growing issue of poor-quality seafood supplies, it has become hard for buyers to connect with reliable suppliers.

This company has set itself on a roadmap to lead the seafood wholesale market with the key customer base being major supermarkets and key resorts within Fiji — and is looking at potential investors to help fund this expansion.

It is seeking investors who can inject F$700,000 or more for a 50 per cent equity stake in the company. According to the promoters the total expansion cost is approximately F$1,350,000 of which 48 per cent has been invested primarily in infrastructure and branding.

The current gross return on investment (ROI) is at 23 per cent, however post expansion returns are expected to average at 35 per cent net off risk, according to documents shared by the company.

According to the company’s business plan, consistent, premium and neatly packed seafood products are in heavy demand both in Fiji and international markets. Authentic Fijian reef seafood is a rare find for most tourists in Fiji as also outside the country. There are only a handful of good suppliers in Fiji with none of them specialising in these end products, despite their clear popularity, the document says.

The company says it is is convinced that there is a great market opportunity here for a hybrid Fijian service provider offering quality deep sea fish and authentic Fijian reef seafood to the Fijian resorts, supermarkets and the wider Asia-Pacific export markets.

Fiji’s leading economic development agency, Investment Fiji, has shared this project with PTI NZ, Mr Valdez told Pacific Periscope. “Investment Fiji and PTI NZ have had a strong relationship over several years and they have requested PTI NZ to work together on casting the net wide for potential investors in a range of projects in Fiji. This is just one of them,” he said.

The project is listed on the PTI NZ trade and investment listing website “We see this as an endorsement of Pacific Hub as an important platform for listing investment projects in the Pacific Islands region by Fiji’s leading investment agency,” Mr Valdez added.

For more information email PTI NZ Chief Investment Officer Manuel Valdez on

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