Japan-Solomon Islands Parliamentarian Friendship League’s holds inaugural general meeting

Director of PIC attended the founding general meeting of Japan-Solomon Islands Parliamentarian Friendship League.

On Friday, 31st July, Japan-Solomon Islands Parliamentarian Friendship League’s founding general meeting was held at the Lower House Diet Member’s 1st office building and Mr. Saito, Director of PIC attended.

The meeting was attended by about 30 people, among them were 9 Diet members including 4 founders of the Friendship League and relevant personnel of Foreign Ministry, Honorary Consulate of Solomon Islands, Japan Pacific Islands Association ,All Japan Solomon Association and PIC.

Those Diet members who attended the meeting talked one after another about Japan’s economic cooperation such as community contributions in response to the actual needs as well as the topic of Solomon Islands’ security importance.

斎藤所長 (Mr. Saito)

They also discussed about the proposal of medical assistance toward the 9th Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting scheduled in next year. In the meantime, PIC’s Director, Mr. Saito gave a good report of its activities such as dispatching PIC’s staff to the area with regularity in search of potential exporting items to Japan and Japan-Solomon business promotion mainly by issuing updated guide book of Solomon Islands.

PIC continues to make an effort in expanding business between Japan and Solomon Islands, through collaborating with relevant organizations such as Honorary Consulate of Solomon Islands and Solomon Islands Tourism Office in Tokyo.

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