Japanese travel pros get a taste of the Pacific

The Pacific Islands Centre (PIC) the Tokyo, Japan-based office that works with the Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) Network teamed up with Tabix, one of Japan’s leading provider of domestic and international travel related services to host a promotional event for Pacific Island tourism. 

Participants were taken through presentations featuring tourist destinations of all the Pacific Islands.

Promotion Coordinator of PIC Reiko Takada delivered a comprehensive presentation that covered 14 Pacific Island Countries, featuring each country’s unique attributes and sights, to about 30 members of Tabix. The idea was to familiarise the travel professionals with the exotic destinations around the Pacific Islands.

“Pacific Island Countries are largely uncharted areas for many, although they are keen travellers who have travelled the world,” Ms Takada said.

As well as presentations, the event also showcased foods and beverages from around the islands. Pacific Islands.

Among the presenters were Mr. and Mrs. Palei from Tonga who went beyond speaking about tourism to describing Tonga’s everyday life eliciting much interest, Ms Takada said. “On top of that, some members who made trips around

Mr. and Mrs. Palei from Tonga spoke about day to day life in Tonga, as well as speaking about Tongan destinations.

Tonga and Niue talked about their own journey. All in all, this was informative and very successful event,” she added.

Products displayed and sampled were Noni juice from Tonga and Samoa, Coffee from Papua New Guinea and taro chips and chocolate of Samoa. All the participants received a gift of the very popular Christmas Island salt from Kiribati, Ms Takada told Pacific Periscope.

In this manner, this event was an excellent opportunity to increase recognition of products of the area.

For more information email For more information email Pacific Islands Centre’s Promotional Coordinator Reiko Takada at rtakada@pic.or.jp

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