Kava Du Pacific is a relatively new Vanuatu company but they have big hopes and dreams.The small company is part of the Vanuatu delegation on the Pacific Trade & Invest (PT&I) NZ Pacific Path to Market delegation which will be at the Auckland Pasifika Festival in March 25-26.

With just three employees, the company is new to the market and is only producing kava products.  However, New Zealand is on its radar for international exports, along with Australia and Europe.

Their first step however is to learn more about the New Zealand Kava market and what the entry requirement are. But part of that process is to attend the Pasifika Festival where several kava producers will also be exhibiting their wares.

Kava Du Pacific dried kava powder uses 40 local farmers to grow the Noble variety of kava on the island of Pentecost – an island renowned in Vanuatu for growing the biggest kava roots. John Mahit is one of the Company Directors who says the company aims to produce top quality kava using strong analysis and traceability. The company recently invested in a testing facility on Pentecost that allows them to analyse the product on site. In the past two months, they have produced around 200kgs of dried kava powder, packaged in red or blue cartons of 100 grams.

Mr Mahit says they are planning to increase their production volume.  But the focus for them is on producing top quality kava.

“Buyers want the product if they know it is good quality,” he said.

“We are genuine. We have the real thing out there on the market”

It is his first time at the Pasifika Festival although he has visited Auckland before on holiday.  Mr Mahit believes it is a good opportunity for the company to showcase the product and let people know more about it.

In addition, Mr Mahit was happy with the work done through the PT&I Pacific Path to Market programme.

They were very helpful and attending the Pasifika Festival is a very good opportunity he said.  It was good exposure and when he returns to Vanuatu he would be recommending their services to local producers he said.

The big hope is to find distributors in Auckland.  “If they’re happy with our product, there might be a market for us,” he said.

For more information please contact Ian Furlong, PT&I Trade Development Manager on ian.f@pacifictradeinvest.co.nz

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