KUKI is Samoa’s unique skincare range that could attract attention for its healthful natural ingredients.

KUKI Natural Remedies is owned by founder and director Maria Leota.

“KUKI Natural Remedies is cutting edge in providing natural, artisanal skincare from the heart of Samoa. Using mainly indigenous and botanical ingredients, our products are at the forefront of alleviating a range of ailments and conditions; including cooking burns, muscle and joint pains from overuse of specific muscles,” she said.

“At KUKI, we create natural skincare remedies for cooking burns, cuts, wrinkles, sore joints and scarring.  We aim to help clients improve their skin with our artisan botanicals.”

KUKI Fetau soap and oil

Mrs Leota described the product range:

  • Charcoal Balm draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of the skin, helping you achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne. It is also great for burns (cooking and welding accidents), itchy skin, oily skin, insect and snake bites, sunburn and boils.
  • Ginger & Turmeric Balm is anti-inflammatory and is great for sore muscles and joints, used as a cold and flu chest rub, a makeup primer, anti-aging, helps prevent acne and boils from forming, and to keep your skin hydrated in cold weather.
  • Fetau Salve (Tamanu oil) is used for dry skin conditions, stretchmarks, acne, anti-aging, fades scars, fights fungal skin conditions and skin softener.
  • Pure 100% Cold Pressed Fetau Oil (Tamanu Oil) is used for acne, scars, body odour, help regrow hair, skin fungal conditions and helps relieve eczema and psoriasis.

“KUKI Spa Soaps are all organically handmade by our local Women in Business in Samoa. The Charcoal and Moegalo (Lemongrass) is great for oily skin. The Turmeric soap helps give your skin a healthier glow and our Fetau Soap is for dry skin conditions,” said Ms Leota.

Coming to the Pasifika Festival “would be a totally, tremendous opportunity to not to miss as I believe that this event is the largest of its’ kind in the world” she said.

Their short-term aim is to identify new distributors or representatives, gain publicity, generate sales but also to engage with customers to learn more of their needs and wants in terms of market research.

They would like to capitalize on marketing and advertising on KUKI to New Zealand and find distributors in New Zealand; to support Women in Business to create revenue for local organic farmers.

In the long term they would like to monitor market trends to gauge consumer behaviour to aim to deliver products that consumers need and want.  They would also like to maintain competitiveness by creating a wide product range with reasonable price-points.

Working with PTI NZ to attend the festival has been an awesome experience, Ms Leota said.

“Before we were selected, (for Path to Market)  they came to Samoa and equipped us with some training so that we were fully prepared to export to NZ.”

KUKI has exported small parcels via airfreight to Australia, New Zealand and USA.

***PTI NZ is seeking distributors for all the companies attending the Pasifika Business Market***

For more information contact Ian Furlong, PTI NZ Trade Development Manager on ian.f@pacifictradeinvest.co.nz


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