Lami Kava: ‘Definitely there’s a market in NZ’

For nearly 35 years, Lami Kava of Fiji has served the markets for the country’s renowned herbal beverage made from the root of Piper methysticum, a species of pepper plant. Its main aim has been to produce premium quality kava.

Lami Kava’s Vilimone Vererua will represent the company at Pasifika 2017 in Auckland later this month.

The company’s factory in Fiji’s “garden town” of Lami supplies ‘noble’ varieties of kava in raw and powder form. An Australian Scientific team confirmed, in 2014, that all kava grown in Fiji is of ‘noble’ variety.

The company’s quality control procedures are rigorous and methodical and feature imported commercial food processing technology. It has stainless steel work surfaces. High priority is given to cleaning and re-drying, proper storage to minimise exposure to moisture and tampering, and maintaining clean, hygienic processing areas.

Raw kava is packed in a polypropylene bag; the crushed product comes in food grade pouches. Production facilities utilise machine technology for crushing, cutting, sifting, drying and vacuum packing for longer lasting freshness.

The company’s policy has been one of adhering to the highest standards, which is achieved by constant innovation and improvement in its production methods.

The factory in Fiji.

Lami Kava has a proud record as a reliable, trusted supplier of the best kava for the wholesale, retail and export trade. The company works closely with a panel of dedicated and experienced kava suppliers who share our commitment to quality and consistency.

Speaking on the company’s participation in Pasifika 2017 as part of the PT&I Pacific Path to Market Programme, Lami Kava Managing Director Don Yee says, “We would like to thank the Fiji Export Council and PT&I for giving us the opportunity to participate in the upcoming 2017 Pasifika Festival and Pacific Trade and Invest in New Zealand. We hope that this will give us better exposure to the New Zealand kava market and hopefully establish a partnership with a distributor.”

The products are packaged for the international export market.

Lami Kava started in a small industrial neighbourhood called Lami in 1982 and has grown to become one of the leading kava companies in Fiji. All of Lami Kava’s product is packed in food grade vacuum sealed pouches or in aluminium foil bags for a longer shelf life. The company is recognised by the Fiji government as a producer and exporter of kava and is also HACCP accredited.

Vilimone Vererua will represent the company at Pasifika 2017.

“We expect a positive outcome in showcasing what we have to offer and hopefully we can find a New Zealand distributor that shares the same vision and thoughts as we have for their kava market. New Zealand has a high number of Pacific Islanders and Kava is native to almost all Pacific lslands so there is definitely a market for it in New Zealand,” Mr Yee said from his office in Fiji.

For more information, email PT&I (NZ) Trade Development Manager Ian Furlong at

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