Living Springs: Exporting Fiji’s natural goodness

Living Springs (Fiji) Limited is engaged in the processing, packing and export of Seafood (Fijian Reef Fishes); root crops (Fijian grown Cassava and Taro) – for the export market only; Other agro-based, Fijian grown crops (jackfruit, breadfruit, chestnut, cow peas, heart of palm (Segho), bele, taro leaves, duruka, grated coconut, grated cassava, ota and many more.

Fijian jackfruit is only one of a vast array of produce that the company exports.

The company also contract packs Worcestershire Pick-Me-Up sauce under license.

The company is Fijian owned and has its operations located along the Princess Road, 15 minutes’ drive from Suva CBD. It is ideally nestled along the outskirts of the Forest Reserves in a farming environment and adjacent to one of Fiji’s largest Hydroponic farms.

Living Springs’ facilities are HACCP certified and all the products processed and packed under strict hygienic conditions. All the processes during the production cycle, including cold storage and up to export are monitored and documented according to the Standard Operating Procedures and Pre-requisite programs as set out in our HACCP plan.

The company’s products are:

Jackfruit; Breadfruit called Uto in Fijian, a tropical fruit and a staple diet in parts of Fiji and the South Pacific Islands; Tahitian Chestnut;  Duruka, a pre-matured flower from a plant looking similar to the sugar cane plant; Bele, a leafy vegetable; Taro leaves.

Also in the company’s product range are Cow peas/ Bora bean, a legume vegetable grown in Fiji by the Indian communities; Grated coconut;  betel nuts; Cassava Tavioka; Taro/ Dalo; Bird’s eye chilli; Heart of palm sekho or heart of a palm tree that has been a delicacy amongst the Fijian Indian community.

On the seafood list are Coral Trout/ Donu, one of the most preferred fish among the Asian community and Rock cod/ Kawakawa.

Cornwell’s Worcestershire Pick Me Up Sauce is manufactured by Living Springs (Fiji) Limited under license from Goodman Fielder International Limited.

For more information, please email Ian Furlong, PT&I (NZ) Trade Development Manager at

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