To use the same opening line as last year…

So, this is Christmas and what have we done?

Michael Greenslade

Michael Greenslade

2016 has been quite a year and there have been lots of adventures and outcomes delivered again! We have just finished the end of year performance figures and I am delighted to see that that the Auckland has once again achieved all KPIs in full and on time!

This is the second year we done this last year being the first so great results from the team.

The real challenge is that nothing stays still for long and Role of a Trade and Investment Promotion Office is constantly changing and we need to be able to show value for money to our Stakeholders. Our engagement with The International Trade Centre during 2016 for its Benchmarking Programme is all about being the best and ensuring we are up to date with global practices. Quite challenging at times but we are not in a business-as-usual environment!

Our own designed Path to Market Programme is delivering gold. In 2016 four Countries and 22 companies attended the Pasifika Festival in Auckland in March as part of the programme. This year we have delivered the programme in ten Countries to over 300 companies and expect 40 companies to be at Pasifika in March 2017.

Our Food & Beverage Programme engaged Pacific private sector in Fine Food NZ and the Auckland Food Show and is now a permanent part of our programme, which includes other offerings such as Investment, Deal by Design and Deal by Technology.

Our Advisory Board has been invaluable in terms of shaping our direction and Chairman John Crawford has been very supportive of the team and very generous with his team.

We have welcomed Ian Furlong and Haukura Jones to the whanau and have really enjoyed the extra oomph and vitality they have brought to the team.

We are going to have a Great 2017 and I wish to thank all our clients, our partners and stakeholders, MFAT in NZ, PIFS in Suva, The Global PT&I Network and our team in Auckland for their help and support in 2016.

I would like to wish everyone a happy time with their families and friends over Xmas and a fun filled 2017.

I will however end with a different Xmas Hymn. I have always loved The Pogues so I want to leave with one of the cleanest set of Lyrics they have written from their classic Christmas Ballad Fairy-Tale of New York:

I’ve got a feeling
This year’s for me and you
So Happy Christmas
I love you baby
I can see a better time
When all our dreams come true

We will singing this at our place — maybe even the Xmas party if I am allowed!

Best Wishes,

Michael Greenslade
Trade Commissioner

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