New market, extended resort to boost Western Fiji’s economy

A new public market development is nearing completion in Rakiraki in Fiji’s Western Division.  

The new Rakiraki market takes shape.

Owners of the Golden Point Resort in Rakiraki are developing the two-storey market building project. New Zealand entrepreneur Peter Watt and Sunny Mishra are partners in the Golden Point Resort.

The new building is right next to the existing one that on account of being low lying was prone to flooding inundating fresh produce that was being sold there. The recent Cyclone Josie that ravaged western Fiji, especially Rakiraki

claiming four lives, badly damaged the market.

The new building being constructed on higher ground would enable water-sensitive mercahndise like fresh produce and kava to be stored and sold dry in a safe and clean environment irrespective of weather conditions.

The F$8million project is funded by several agencies including the European Community, AUSAid and the UN Women’s Organisation besides the Fijian Government.

A view of the existing market that is prone to flooding and is too small for the growing economy of the area.

Importantly, since many growers are women who travel to the market to sell produce and other wares, provision has been made for their stay at the market if the need should arise: the two-storey high market facility has 25 bed units for women who might need to stay the night.

“The design of the public market is a good example for gender consideration that takes into account both convenience and safety for businesswomen and women farmers, especially those who travel from faraway places to do business in Raki Raki,” Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) NZ Chief Investment Officer Manuel Valdez told Pacific Periscope.

Mr Valdez said the PTI NZ Auckland office has been involved in consultancy work with the Golden Point Resort since 2013.

Meanwhile, Golden Point Resort is also undertaking its own extended development at the resort, Mr Valdez revealed.

“They are constructing additional amenities in the resort, such as marina development, residential homes and other infrastructure in the area.

“They are developing additional 24 apartments in the area at a cost of some F$12 million with the Marina development expected to cost about F$3 million. Other land and infrastructure development will cost an additional F$5 million,” Mr Valdez added.

All up, Golden Point Resort’s new development will mean an investment of about F$20.0 million.

The new Rakiraki market is expected to be inaugurated in the next few weeks.

For more information email Manuel Valdez, Chief Investment Officer PTI NZ at

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